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Who are Newman’s?

Newman’s are a specialist building and structural repair company offering services throughout the southern half of the UK. Our experienced team provide Building & Structural Repair, Concrete Investigation & Repair, Balcony, Step & Walkway Renovation as well as other related building and structural repair services.

What Do Newman’s Offer?

As a specialist structural repair company our services include Crack Repair & Bed Joint Reinforcement, Wall Tie Replacement, Lateral Restraint, Lintel Repairs, Bridge Repairs and Foundation Repairs. Modern day methods of structural repair are often non-disruptive and allow for an invisible, sympathetic repair making them ideal for historical and heritage buildings. Our methods also avoid the cost and disruption of traditional methods of structural repair such as take-down and rebuild.

Newman’s also offer other specialised repair services to the remedial industry. Masonry Façade Maintenance, Brick & Stone Repair and Restoration, Brick Tinting and impact damage.

Steadfast Elite

With decades of practical experience in the field, we were often frustrated by what we saw as a lack of materials for making good, along with the emergence on the market of lower quality repair products. Following a vast amount of research and development and mentorship from one of Europe’s leading repair mortar chemists, the late Heinz Jahn, we developed our own range of repair mortars, which led to the creation of our sister company Steadfast Specialist Products in 2016.
Further research led us to Kimia, an Italian company, who since 1979 Kimia have been specialising in the research, development, and manufacture of products specifically for the stabilisation, restoration and repair of historical buildings and monuments. Based in an earthquake prone area has acted as a key motivation for Kimia to create repair systems and solutions to not just sympathetically restore, but also to protect against future movement caused by seismic activity. Steadfast now partner with Kimia on the development of new products.
This and other manufacturing partnerships means that Steadfast now supply a wide range of high-quality products to the structural repair and building restoration industry.
Within Steadfast’s customer base, there are several companies and technicians that are specialists in their fields and that we know can be trusted to carry our repairs to a high standard. Therefore, when Newman’s are unable to assist with repair work, due to availability or location, we will manage your repair, using a trusted installer form the Steadfast Elite network, to carry out the work to our specification and standards.