Rubble Filled Wall - Sock Anchors


Sock Anchors

Sock Anchors are a unique method of structural reinforcement in masonry and are widely used in heritage projects as the installation process allows the parent materials to be virtually undisturbed.

The system fundamentally comprises of a stainless steel rod embedded inside a fabric mesh that is pressure injected with cementitious grout installed in an oversized core hole which expands like a balloon, gripping into voids in the substrate and creating a bond with the parent material.

Sock anchors are particularly effective in repairing rubble-filled walls and can be used to reconnect failed or separated masonry, in arches, bridge strengthening, stabilisation and many more applications.

This method of repair is ideally suited to listed buildings and aged structures such as bridges, manor houses, tourist attractions, churches, cathedrals and high rise building etc.

It is possible to use the cored material to reinstate the hole drilled providing an aesthetically pleasing repair that will go unnoticed.

Repair Specification and Quick Estimate

Based on a full description of the issue and sufficient images, it may be possible for one of our surveyors to provide a repair specification and estimated cost. Please complete the Quick Estimate Form here and give as much information as possible.