Balcony Waterproofing
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Balcony, Walkway & Step Waterproofing

Keeping balconies, walkways and steps completely waterproof is essential in preserving and protecting the materials that they are constructed from. Any moisture penetration will cause structural defects to the surface and supports regardless of the materials used and will also become a safety hazard. Newman’s are one of few UK based companies using the latest PMMA (Poly methyl methacrylate) Waterproofing products from Vulkem and Resiplast.

Repairing leaking balconies, steps and walkways used to be a highly disruptive process which often meant the area would not be accessible for a lengthy period of time causing disruption to tenants.

Newman’s use the unique PMMA liquid membrane waterproofing system which is cold applied, thereby alleviating the need for heating bitumen and the use of roofers’ torches. Once installed, the modified polyurethane system has a setting time of just one hour. The installation process is fast and provides a completely waterproof surface. The concrete sealing system which comprises of a primer suitable for the existing surface and conditions, a waterproof liquid membrane and a durable top coat that protects against wear and UV, comes in a huge range of colours and can be topped with a wide range of finishes.

The benefits of using the Vulkem and Resiplast waterproofing systems are:

  • 100% Waterproof
  • Can be applied over almost all existing substrates
  • A range of colours and aesthetically pleasing finishes can be achieved
  • Cold applied no hot works required
  • Rapid setting times
  • Can be applied in low winter temperatures

The PMMA system is unique with nothing else like it available on the UK market and can be applied for various applications such as balcony, step and walkway refurbishment, stadiums, roof tops, warehouses, runways, car parks to name but a few applications.

Click here to see a case study on the repair and waterproofing of the concrete balconies and walkways to the Old Fire Station in Hammersmith. Or click below to download as a PDF.

Case Study - Old Fire Station Hammersmith