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Brick & Stone Restoration, Cleaning & more

Newman’s specialise in façade maintenance including brick and stone restoration, cleaning, tinting and repointing.

Facade Before and After Repairs and Restoration

Services include:

    • DOFF Cleaning – steam based cleaning. Highly effective yet sympathetic to the material being cleaned.
    • Stucco Repair – stucco is a durable, decorative wall surface that can develop cracks and holes over time. When cracks and holes appear in stucco it is important to seal them quickly to protect from the damage of water ingress. Our technicians use specialist stucco repair mortars to repair and replace stucco and to reform detailed profiles.
    • Repointing – Including Chimney Repointing – As well as being unsightly, failed or damaged pointing can lead to more severe problems such as damp penetration, frost damage and even collapse. The appropriate selection of materials is critical and should be left to professionals. We ensure that the correct material is used and that the final finish matches the existing mortar. Using our mortar tinting process we are also able to recolour existing mortar where required.
    • Brick Tinting – using our proprietary tinting technique we can recolour brick, stone, concrete, roof tiles and any permeable building material.
  • Brick and Façade Waterproofing – We use a breathable, water repellent surface treatment to protect walls from damp penetration. Once dry, our waterproofing treatment is transparent and does not colour the surface. However, with the inclusion of our natural tinting pigments, waterproofing and tinting can be combined.