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Specialists in Building & Structural Repair

Newman’s are a team of proficient building engineers and surveyors carrying out building and structural repair using specialist products and techniques. These techniques are cost effective and provide permanent solutions to cracking and other building defects.

Cracks in walls are caused by a number of structural defects and problems. Although it is often thought that subsidence is the most common cause it is actually rarely the case. Seasonal changes, vegetation, replacement doors and windows, failed or inadequate drainage are just a few reasons that cracks in buildings can occur.

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Cracks in walls are a common problem and are caused by movement of one form or another. The pattern and location of a crack in a wall can often point to its cause.

Newman’s are highly experienced crack repair specialists. We survey, assess and diagnose the cause of cracking and propose appropriate crack repair techniques.

Cracks often appear on period properties and when inspecting your own property you should check for cracks above doorways, cracks above windows, cracks in ceilings, cracks in plaster and cracks in render.

Cracks in walls above doorways and cracks above windows are normally linked and could be a sign of lintel failure and will need to be inspected to ensure it is not subsidence as the crack pattern is often similar.

Cracks in ceilings and cracks in plaster are often linked to outward movement caused by a lack of connecting ties into the floor joists and wall junctions and again a competent surveyor from Newman’s should inspect this.

There are other causes of cracking such as thermal movement, subsidence, heave, wall tie failure to name a few.

Repair Specification and Quick Estimate

Based on a full description of the issue and sufficient images, it may be possible for one of our surveyors to provide a repair specification and estimated cost. Please complete the Quick Estimate Form here and give as much information as possible.

Surveys by Video

In some cases it may be possible to carry out a video call to diagnose a problem. Using WhatsApp we can make an initial assesment before carrying out a full survey if required.

Repair Methods

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