Wall Tie Survey Using Endoscope

What is a Wall Tie Survey?

A wall tie survey is a specialist survey which should only be carried out by suitably trained and experienced surveyors, who will assess whether the wall ties present within the structure are doing their job properly, tying the two leaves of masonry adequately. We offer intrusive and nonintrusive wall tie surveys.  Where wall ties are inadequate or corroded we will recommend wall tie replacement.

What are the Differences Between an Intrusive Survey and Non-intrusive Survey?

Intrusive surveys are generally required when the cavity cannot be exposed and the wall ties cannot be inspected through an endoscope or fibre optic camera. This is usually a necessary requirement when cavities have been injects with cavity wall insulation as the tie will be covered. Intrusive surveys require the ties to be located and bricks removed to expose the tie to allow a visual inspection of to be carried out.

Non-Intrusive surveys can be carried out when it is possible to see inside the cavity through an endoscope or fibre optic camera. We can achieve this by locating the tie and drilling a series of 8mm holes to allow the insertion of an endoscope or fibre optic camera.

As with both surveys each panel is inspected and all the ties will be located to ensure there is adequate wall ties within the panel to ensure the requirements of BS:5268.

What is a Wall Tie? And Why Do I Need Them?

A wall tie is a simple solution that wall tie the two leaves of masonry within a cavity wall together but also allow them to move independently and transmit live and static loads across the structure without substantial movement or deformation of the façade. Wall ties are a vital structural component and are often not picked up within homebuyer surveys often leading to costly repairs that are unforeseen during the sale of the property.

What is The Worst Possible Scenario?

Wall ties form a vital structural component of any structure but unfortunately due to bad building practice etc, they are often inadequately placed and in coastal areas corrosion of wall ties is imminent and should be inspected. Failure of wall ties has led to the collapse of masonry panels leaving structures unsafe with the potential for collapse.