Structural Survey

Newman’s carry out structural survey inspections of the ‘Structure Only’ to assess and determine any present structural movement or defects.

What is a Structural Survey or ‘Structure Only’ Report?

A Structural Survey is a visual survey carried out by a suitably trained surveyor who will examine the internal and external structure of the property to assess any defects that are present or potential. We will assess the the materials used to construct the internal and external walls and we will also inspect the foundation if safe to do so.

Our surveyors have extensive knowledge in identifying movement such as:

Subsidence and Heave

Lintel Failure

Outward Movement/ Bowing Walls

Thermal Movement

Wall Tie Failure

Differential Movement etc.

Your Structure Only Report will contain a detailed written assessment on the cause of the movement and will specify the remedial treatments necessary to prevent further movement as well as a repair specification.

The report will also contain information regarding the construction of internal and external walls and how their performance will be affected in the future.

The report is provided in a PDF format with drawings identifying the defects and a specification of the remedial measures required.