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Walkway, Step & Balcony Repair

Newman’s specialise in the repair and refurbishment of concrete and stone balconies, steps and walkways that have become weak and structurally unsound requiring refurbishment to restore the structural integrity.

As well as being an eyesore, steps, balconies and walkways can become unsafe requiring the services of a specialist contractor to design and implement a balcony repair programme to restore the structural integrity of the balcony and/or restore the walkway.  To repair concrete or stone balconies and steps suffering from cracking, honeycombing of concrete, concrete cancer, stone failure etc, it is essential that repairs are carried out using the correct repair mortars and waterproofing systems. We employ high quality products such as the Jahn range of repair mortars and the Resiplast and Vulkem PMMA waterproofing systems which we believe to be the best products currently available to the UK market.

The majority of the problems associated with Concrete Failure to balconies are associated with the penetration of moisture which is often caused by the concrete being exposed to the elements and requires complete concrete repair and waterproofing.

Most waterproofing systems require long periods of time free from traffic in order to prime the surface and to apply a waterproofing system to seal the surface, which in most cases isn’t practicable. Newman’s are one of a few UK structural repair companies to have met the high standards set by Vulkem who have manufactured and developed a system that is cold applied and 100% waterproof within 1 hour of application and can be walked on within 1 hour after the finished installation.

The Vulkem system is a cold applied PMMA liquid membrane that is applied onto the existing surface, trowelled and levelled and can be finished with a wide range of products to provide an aesthetically pleasing, durable repair which is 100% waterproof and we can offer a 20 year guarantee.

We can also offer bespoke balustrade systems to complement our walkway and balcony  repair services.

Click here to see a case study on the repair of the balconies and walkways to the Old Fire Station in Hammersmith. or click below to download a PDF.

Case Study - Old Fire Station Hammersmith
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