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Brick and Stone Cleaning Using the DOFF Cleaning System

As approved Contractors for Stonehealth Ltd, Newman’s carry out brick and stone cleaning using the Stonehealth DOFF system.
The DOFF is a power-cleaning system used for cleaning brickwork, cleaning stonework, cleaning roof tiles and other building materials.

The DOFF  super-heats water to temperatures as high as 150°C. With variable pressure and temperature control the DOFF is capable of removing a wide range of paint and biological matter and can be used to:

  • Clean brick, stone, concrete etc
  • Remove Algae
  • Remove Moss
  • Remove Fungi
  • Remove Carbon Deposits
  • Remove Paint
  • Remove Graffiti

Because of the high temperatures involved the DOFF will kill off spores during the removal process which means that there is no need to add a chemical biocide to prevent further biological activity.

As well as brick cleaning and stone cleaning, the DOFF cleans concrete, roof tiles etc using high temperature steam which is effective and yet gentle and sympathetic.

Ask about our FREE, sample test clean for large projects!

CLICK HERE to see a video of the Stonehealth Doff cleaning system in action.

Dust Free Blasting

For more stubborn and difficult cleaning Newman’s use a Dust Free Blasting system. This system uses a mixture of a safe, inert, fine granulate mixed with a little water and low air pressure. Using a swirling vortex the dust free blasting system can:

  • Remove Paint residues
  • Remove Limescale
  • Remove some old oil based paints
  • Remove Lime and cement based paints
  • Remove Bitumen
  • Remove Heavy carbon deposits
  • Remove graffiti
  • Remove rust

With interchangeable nozzles the dust free blasting system can be used to clean both large areas such as ashlar and more intricate and elaborate detailing.