Bowing Masonry Repairs

Bowing Masonry Repairs

Newman’s work closely with many building and refurbishment contractors across the South and have carried out repeat business with London based City Line Construction Ltd who are a well-respected general refurbishment contractor.

We were called in to carry out a structural survey to a property they were in the process of refurbishment in Fulham, South West London. The bay window was causing major concern due to cracks which were widening daily caused by the bay window pulling outwards from the main structure.

The cracks were monitored and a structural repair programme was designed to restrain the movement and tie the bay window into the main structure with minimal disruption.

This type of structural defect is common with period properties and is often caused by the foundation to the bay window usually being either a 400mm slab or corbelled footings which are inadequate. Due to the nature of the movement, being an outward bow from the top, the requirement for underpinning is often unnecessary.

Twistfix bed joint reinforcement was used to create masonry beams which were wrapped around the bay window offering restraint against the bowing masonry.

In addition to the bed joint reinforcement 450mm pinning ties were used to stitch cracks through the brick which offers a fast and effective instant load bearing solution resisting further cracking. Cracks were also injected with Twistfix unique Who-60 grout.

Aesthetic brick repairs and repointing was also carried out prior to the external re-decoration by City Line Construction.