Balcony Repairs

Balcony Repairs Old Fire Station Hammersmith

Newman’s were contacted to carry out a survey on the balconies to the rear of the iconic Old Fire Station on Shepherds Bush Road, Hammersmith. The Grade II listed building, which is now a branch of Wagamama, was erected in 1913 and was first listed as a building of special architectural or historical interest in 1954. In more recent years the building has been extended to the rear and now comprises of 4 stories of luxury apartments.

The concrete balconies had suffered cracks and corrosion caused by water ingress and carbonation and had lost their structural integrity.

Following the survey we were contracted to carry out repairs to the balconies and walkways.

The concrete undersides, front edges and top sides of all three balconies were hammer tested and all loose and defective concrete removed. Any exposed steel reinforcing rods that were corroded were cleaned to sound steel using mechanical abrasion and all areas of the balconies were grit blasted using our Safe Blast system to remove any existing coats of paint, failed balcony covering and all evidence of rust from exposed steel.

All exposed steel was then treated with Sika® 610 Cementitious Based Steel Reinforcement Primer and Bonding Bridge.

All cracks to the balcony topside were then cut out to at least 30mm either side of the existing crack. These were flushed with water and RPM Belgium ready rep asphalt repair mortar was applied.

Sika® MonoTop-615, a cement based polymer modified high build repair & reprofiling mortar and Sika® Rapid Repair Mortar a fast setting cementitious repair mortar, were applied to all exposed areas requiring repair. Due to the depth of the required repair this was done in layers ensuring the mortar was well compacted and bag rubbed to gain a high bond with the existing concrete. Due to the complicated profile this required high degrees of skill.

Sika® MonoTop-620 a cementitious polymer modified mortar was then applied in a 2mm layer ensuring a smooth and flush finish.

The balcony topside, up-stands and front edge were pressure washed to remove all dust grease and dirt.

A minimum of 3 coats of RPM Belgium Vulkem Waterproof anti-slip walkway coating was then applied to the balcony topside, up-stands and front edge. This was followed by a thick layer of anti-slip sand and seal.

Pure brilliant white Flexcrete Monodex Ultra Series 2 Anti-carbonation coating was applied to the balcony underside and concrete front edge. This is a high performance specialist coating that resists carbonation and allows any trapped moisture to escape through the coating without bubbling or peeling.

Balcony undersides were also repaired and decorated to complete the restoration.