Stoning Cleaning

Brick & Stone Cleaning, Repair & Restoration

Newman’s recently completed a project to clean, repair and restore a brick and Portland Stone façade in Mortimer Street, London W1.

The brickwork was suffering from a build-up of carbon and grime and the Portland stone, which had previously been painted, had areas of damage and the paint had deteriorated with areas of flaking.

The brick and stone cleaning was carried out using the Doff cleaning system.  The Doff is a self-contained unit that superheats water to a temperature of 150oc and allows the operator to adjust both the temperature and the pressure.  Because the Doff cleans using high temperature, high pressure steam it is ideal for removing all manner of substances without causing any damage to the building material.

Areas of damaged stone were then repaired using Stone Repair and Restoration Mortar.

Stubborn areas of paint were treated with a paint de-bonding solution which was left to react before being re-cleaned.

As you will see form the images, the final result was very impressive and returned the brick and stone to its former glory.