Concrete Repair London

Concrete Repair London

Newmans have been carrying out structural repairs and concrete repairs to commercial buildings at Hatton Gardens in central London over the past month restoring the structural integrity of failed masonry.

This week our team of concrete repair specialists have been repairing the underside of a concrete slab that is home to some large machinery on the first floor which had suffered from extensive damage causing large sections of concrete failure.

The slab is 200mm thick with reinforcing rods at every 60mm which have in areas corroded extensively causing the concrete to spall. As well as corrosion to the reinforcing rods the machinery above was causing heavy vibration caused by un-level slab which required levelling.

The reinforcing rods were treated using Flexcrete Steel reinforcement protector which prevents further corrosion of the reinforcing bar. Using handheld hammer drills spalled concrete was removed and Flexcrete Monomix HD was applied by hand.

Specifying and applying the correct repair mortar is essential to provide a lasting repair and only a specialist contractor should be selected in order to carry out concrete repair.

Flexcrete Monomix HD repair mortar is one of the best on the market and Newman’s are able to utilise all of their specialist products in order to carry out repairs in almost any situation of concrete failure.

If you are an engineer or specifier of concrete repair products we would highly recommend the Flexcrete

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