Concrete Repairs Walkway Coating- Dorset

Newman’s have been awarded six phases of Concrete Repairs and walkway coating to blocks of residential holiday lets in Westbay, Dorset. The contract will last approximately 5 months in total including the application of anti-carbonation coatings and sacrificial anodes.

The concrete to the first phase of repairs to the back of Heron Court had caused increasing concern to the residents due to parts of the balcony falling off luckily not causing any harm to any persons below.

The asphalt coating on top of the balcony had become worn over time and had cracked in places which allowed moisture to penetrate into the concrete and the freeze thaw cycle could begin causing expansion in the concrete causing cracks and fractures to occur.

With the property being on the sea front the moisture had a high salt content causing the steel reinforcing to oxidise and corrode which again caused the concrete to crack and delaminate. Being on the sea front alkali attack had also occurred causing failure in the concrete.

The corroded steels were located using metal detectors and the failed concrete hacked off to expose the reinforcing bars so that the rust could be removed using mechanical abrasion to take the steel back to sound metal.

Newman’s use the Flexcrete range of concrete repair mortars and concrete protection products as we believe they are by far the most superior range of products on the market. To repair the underside of the balcony channels were cut out and Flexcrete Monolite hand applied Concrete Repair mortar was troweled in to give a lasting repair that is extremely strong. 2mm fairing coats were then applied to give a smooth plaster like finish.

As well as the application of new Concrete Repair mortar a corrosion inhibitor was used to protect all of the steel reinforcing rods. The corrosion inhibitor is spray applied to all of the concrete and seeps through the concrete and reacts with the oxygen and binds to the steel to provide a complete coating which will prevent further oxidisation.

Being the only approved contractor in the South West of England to design and install RPM-Belguims unique walkway coating we were asked to carry out some test samples to show the client what the balcony could potentially look like and once the samples were applied we were quickly given the order to coat the entire walkway. The unique coating provides a 100% waterproof coating without the requirement for removing the existing asphalt. In order to apply the coating the asphalt had to be repaired using RPM-Belgium’s Ready Rep repair mortar which rapidly sets forming a water tight seal which is hard wearing and once applied the coating can be installed.

The coating differs from all other products available to the UK market as it can be applied in almost all weather conditions and once laid will be walkable on within one hour of application. The coating is 100% waterproof and non-slip and with the installation time being so very short it is the perfect solutions for repairing and providing an aesthetically pleasing finish to walkways and balconies.

Once the balcony had all the Concrete Repairs completed and the Walkway Coating applied Newman’s then applied Flexcrete’s series 2 ultra Anti Carbonation coating which will protect the concrete from a range of defects and also allows moisture to escape through the coating that will prevent the paint from bubbling and flaking which is a common problem.

The client was so happy with the high quality workmanship that were asked to provide a specification and detailed report to the entire estate which is made up of 6 blocks of residential holiday lets. The second of six phases is now underway and the schedule will last for approximately 5 months with a contract value of £300k.