Crack Repair

Crack Repair and Building Stabilisation Oxford City Council

Having previously completed a number of structural repair projects for Oxford City Council we were contacted investigate one of their properties that was due to be updated as part of their Green Deal programme and was found to be suffering from internal and external cracking.

Our investigation included soil testing, cctv camera drainage tests to ascertain the condition of the underground drains and the installation of crack monitoring Tell-Tales.

The survey revealed extensive external cracking to the front and gable elevations and internally in the lounge, the bedrooms and the landing.

The cctv footage revealed the cause of the problems to be a broken drain gully. Water had washed away surrounding soil and eroded masonry down to the concrete footings. The footings themselves were undamaged.

Our repair specification comprised of removing and replacing the damaged masonry down to the existing concrete footings, replacing the damaged drain and relaying the concrete garden path.

The cracks were all raked out, cleaned and injected with thixotropic cementitious grout. A combination of crack stitching and bed joint reinforcement using the Twistfix Heliforce system was employed to stabilise and reinforce the masonry. All areas of plaster and render that had been disturbed during the repair were made good.

As part of the refurbishment of the property Oxford City council then installed external insulation and cladding.

Crack Repair


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