Concrete Steps with Decorative Waterproof Coating

Decorative Waterproof Coating and Concrete Repair to Steps

A client in South West London contacted us to repair the concrete steps leading up to their property. There were cracks in the concrete and vegetation growing through the steps which was allowing water to leak into the store room below. The steps were worn and uneven and there was a hole in the bottom step.

The hole and cracks were cleaned back to solid material and repaired using Betonfix R, rapid curing concrete repair mortar from Steadfast Specialist Products.

Because of the need for levelling as well as waterproofing the steps, Steadfast’s Polyac® Rapid System 3 was used. Polyac® Rapid System 3 comprises of 5 layers that seal, level and waterproof steps, walkways and balconies, as well as providing a decorative, anti-slip, wear layer. Each layer of the decorative waterproof coating system cures in under 30 minutes which significantly minimises disruption to tenants.

The five layers comprise of the Polyac 18 primer, the Polyac 55 self-levelling screed, the Polyac BDM-M waterproof membrane, the Polyac 65 Top Coat and a decorative quartz wear layer sealed with a further coat of Polyac 65.

We offer a multitude of decorative waterproof coatings and for this job our client chose the Wizard finish. You can see a close-up of the finish below.

The finish looks fabulous and is protected with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.