Impact Damage Bristol

Impact Damage Bristol

Newman’s were contacted by a repairs contractor who needed our specialist skills to assess, design a repair specification, and reinstate the structural integrity to a property that had suffered impact damage caused by a car hitting the front elevation.

Once on site it was deemed that the structure was unsafe and that the first floor required adequate supports to prevent collapse.

We designed a scheme that would fully restore the structural integrity of the the masonry.

Deep helical masonry beams were installed above the ground floor window opening to distribute structural loads to allow the safe removal of the propping, damaged window and masonry. Once the masonry beams had reached their full load bearing capacity the window and stone surround was removed along with the damaged masonry.

Our team of technicians rebuilt the damaged masonry and installed new energy efficient double glazing as well as uPVC window surround. Internally the damaged area was dry lined, plastered and redecorated. New laminate flooring was laid and the room restored to a superior standard.