Lateral Restraint Bed Joint Essex

Lateral Restraint and Bed Joint Reinforcement Essex

Newman’s were contacted by a construction company in Essex who were refurbishing their head office and were concerned about a bulging wall.

Our free structural survey identified a mild bulge in the thirteen inch solid wall as well as areas of cracking, outward movement and minor lintel defects.

To restore the structural integrity of the masonry, bed joint reinforcement was used to create masonry beams above the right hand side window where a lintel defect was noted. Masonry beams were also installed above the courtyard opening where bulging had occurred.

2m Crack stitches were also used to tie the right hand corner of the building where bulging was apparent.

Delamination ties were used to tie the bulging area at 750mm x 450mm centres combined with 2m lateral restraint ties stopping any further outward movement.

The structural repair works were completed within two days and the making good was carried out by the construction company.

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