Lintel Failure Reinforced London

Lintel Failure Reinforced London

Newman’s carried out a Structural Survey to the external façade of this imposing six storey building constructed in an 18th century garden square in Marylebone in the City of Westminster.

Built in approximately 1776 the building has stood the test of time and it was to no surprise that the external façade had suffered from various areas of cracking and structural defects requiring urgent attention.

The premises had become headquarters to a large law firm and whilst carrying areas of external decoration Newman’s were called upon to diagnose, design and implement a Structural Repair solution the reinforce the brickwork that had suffered from Stepped Diagonal Cracking caused by extensive Lintel Failure.

Lintel Failure is a common problem to buildings built in the Georgian era due to the flat gauged arch Lintels losing their camber causing them to sag due to increased loads imposed by the supported masonry above requiring the need for repair or Bed Joint Reinforcement.

Newman’s specialise in Masonry Reinforcement and Repair particularly in the field of Lintel Reinforcement using Twistfix’sHelical Wires we can create new load bearing beams within the brickwork, commonly known as Bed Joint Reinforcement, which utilises the 2nd generation ‘Helibeam’ system manufactured and engineered by Thor Helical.

With the introduction of Helical Wires installed in pairs above the lintels resist the compressive and tensile forces imposed on the masonry by the Lintel Failure as the Helical Wires are installed in pairs within the bed joint encompassed in grout to create the load bearing beams. The existing cracks are then cut out and also injected with grout to bond the separated masonry.

Over 100 square metres of Re-pointing was found to have been effected compromising the structural integrity of the masonry which would lead to problems with penetrating damp as well as structural issues caused by the freeze thaw cycle. Much of the brickwork had become unstable requiring immediate action and again Twistfix’s range of products excelled and WHO-60 masonry repair grout was used to stabilise the live brickwork prior to re-pointing.

With the brickwork above the Failed Lintels reinforced and the cracks bonded together the vast areas of Re-pointing was carried out using traditional lime mortars which matched the existing mortar almost perfectly providing a rapid Lintel Repair which was almost invisible to the eye.

Over 400 metres of Helical Wire was installed to reinforce the structure, using the innovative Helibeam system we were able to save our client thousands of pounds as well as provide a non-disruptive solution and the works were completed within two weeks.