Lintel Repair West London

Lintel Repair

At Newman’s we ensure that the same level of care and attention is applied to any contract large or small, residential or commercial, this is why we receive so many enquiries from private home owners looking to avoid the rogue trader.

We were contacted by an elderly couple who had recently had their timber windows and doors replaced with uPVC double glazing but, as is often the case upon removal of uPVC windows, the lintels fail causing cracking and sagging leaving the masonry above unstable.

Newman’s are experts in the field of lintel repair and are able to specify insurance backed repair solutions to stabilise masonry across London and the South East using the Twistfix system.

Lintel Failure had caused the soldier course lintel to the rear of this 1950’s property to sag bowing the uPVC frame due to its non-load bearing capabilities that the original hardwood French door incorporated.

The solution we provided was to install masonry beams, which are twin rods within the bed joint acting in tension and compression and incorporated with Twistfix Cementitious grout distributing structural loads across the masonry.  Stainless steel 9mm Twistfix pinning ties were inserted vertically 450mm through the brickwork in the soldier course lintel ensuring there would be no further downward movement or rotation. The entire panel was then raked out and injected with the Twistfix grout ensuring the whole panel acted as one restoring the structural integrity.

The panel was then repointed with matching mortar from parex . The contract was completed with-in two days, at a fraction of the cost of traditional remove and rebuild techniques originally proposed.

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