Structural Repairs Exeter

Structural Repairs – Exeter

Newman’s were invited to competitively tender for the structural inspection and installation for remedial works to a small number of Exeter City Council’s housing stock.

The properties were constructed during the 1930’s and are typical construction for social housing built during that period with brick to brick construction tied using an iron fishtail cavity wall tie.

Wall Tie Failure is a common structural defect to properties of this type but external bowing walls are not as common so a suitable solution from us was required.

Wall Tie Replacement was carried out isolating the existing ties across the ten properties using the Patented CD helical wall tie supplied to us by Twistfix of whom we are a proud registered contractor.

The bowing external walls were restrained by installing Twistfix 6mm Helical rods within the external Bed Joint and drilled into the internal party walls and secured using Twistifx WHO-60 masonry reinforcement grout anchoring the L shaped rod into the masonry resisting any further outward movement.

As well as crack stitches tying the cross walls to the external walls internal cracking was present and again Twistfix crack stitches were used in order to restrain further separation.

Once Brick Repairs, Repointing, Rendering and Plastering had been carried out the repairs were left almost invisible providing a lasting solution to structural defects. Using the Twistfix Remedial system we were able to save the council vast amounts of money time and disruption.

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