Structural Repairs Guildford

Structural Repairs- Guildford

This Victorian property in Guildford had recently been purchased by couple looking for their long term home and unfortunately the home buyers report failed to note the extent of the Structural Defects to the property. We were contacted by a very worried home owner whose thoughts were that their house may fall down and can we help?


Our office in Guildford work with many residential home owners who have purchased these elaborate Victorian properties and are experienced in diagnosing suitable repairs that will provide a long term solution yet won’t cause major long term disruption.

Cracking was evident to the internal party wall as well as cracking and sagging of the brickwork externally to the front elevation. Cracking of this nature is common in Victorian period properties and is caused by a lack of connection between the brickwork to the front and the brickwork of the party walls.

It is essential to reconnect the two panels of masonry so that they can no longer separate. In order to achieve this connection Twistfix bed joint reinforcement was selected to provide a connection between the two elevations but also resist further outward movement.

Areas of masonry that had sagged beyond repair were carefully removed and re-built using reclaimed bricks and mortar that matched the existing. Our delicate approach to re-building period masonry ensures that we retain the original aesthetics of the proeprty.

The bed joint reinforcement is chased into the external bed joints of the front elevation and then drilled into the internal party wall where it is chased into the wall. This method of repair creates a L shaped tie which when grouted into the slots achieves exceptionally high pull out resistance.

The bressumur beam supporting the first floor joists above the bay window opening had also snapped in half requiring immediate repair. A team of carpenters reinforced the bressumer beam and Newman’s were required to design a solution that would take some of the load off of the bressumer beam.

Again Twistfix Bed Joint Reinforcement was used to distribute loads across the masonry and reinforce the brickwork to spread the load evenly across the bressumer beam. The Bed Joint Reinforcement was installed in pairs to create masonry beams that distribute structural loads.
The works restored the structural integrity of the masonry and provided a permanent connection between the bowing walls in the least disruptive way. Modern methods of masonry repair and reinforcement are preserving period properties and ensuring the heritage remains in the structure.

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