Structural Repairs North London

Structural Repairs North London

Newman’s continues to build on its reputation for quality modern day methods of building and structural repairs leading to regular repeat business with many clients.

We were contacted by a large consulting engineering company to carry out specialist remedial works for one of their most prestigious long standing clients.

The property in question, a branch of Tesco’s, had suffered from a partial collapse of masonry. It was discovered that the cavity wall had been constructed with inadequate wall tiesmovement joints and wind posts. Much of the internal masonry was also found to be loose on the top two courses of block work.

The devised scheme would restore the structural integrity of the masonry providing a fast and effective, non-disruptive solution required by the client.

The Internal block work that had collapsed was rebuilt and reconnected to the external leaf of masonry using Twistfix Stainless Steel Wall ties at 450mm x 450mm centres along with all elevations. Movement joints were cut into the external leaf of masonry allowing the structure to move slightly and allow for any thermal movement or rotation. Specialist wind posts were fabricated and installed to offer additional strength and support against the high wind loads. The loose block work was restrained using specialist head restraint ties as well as an additional wall tie into the outer leaf of masonry.

All works were completed on time and to high standard within budget.