Subsidence Repairs Oxford

Subsidence Repairs Oxford

Newman’s were awarded a contract by Oxford City Council, to design and install a repair specification to a 1950’s semi detached house that had suffered subsidence caused by damage to the foundations following tree root infestation.

The tree was removed by one of our specialist sub contractors to prevent further subsidence.

Our scheme comprised of Thor Heical ‘Screwdown’ Shire piles in conjunction with bed joint reinforcement.

After an extensive survey and a soil investigation our engineers designed a piling scheme that would restrain further downward movement.

15 no shire piles were installed along the flank and the rear elevation at a depth of 4.8m’s into the clay soil to prevent further downward movement combined with deep masonry beams to the superstructure distributing structural loads.

Internally areas of crack stitching was carried out along with masonry beams to stitch separated masonry and distribute structural loads.

We carried out internal and external decoration and completed the repairs to a high standard on time and within budget, leading to repeat business.