Victorian Concrete Step Repair

The original timber lintel between the concrete steps and the front door of the basement flat on this three storey, Victorian property in West London was rotten. The rot was probably caused by water ingress through minor cracks between the top step and the wall.

Due to the failure of the lintel, some movement had occurred causing further cracks in the concrete steps which exacerbated the problem.

To restore the structural integrity of the steps, the old timber lintel was replaced with a new concrete one and timber floor joists that had been damaged by damp were repaired with new spliced sections.  Jahn M60 Plaster Mortar was then used to repair the area underneath the steps and above the door.

Concrete Repair

For the concrete step repair, all loose concrete was removed and cracks were cut back to stable material.  Jahn M90 Concrete Repair Mortar was then used to repair all damaged areas.  We use Jahn Repair Mortars due to their high quality and their long history of being failure free.


The client chose to have the steps coated to provide a waterproof, durable, non-slip surface.

After allowing sufficient time for all of the concrete repairs to go off, a coat of Resiplast PMMA Concrete primer was applied to the entire area.

A layer of Resiplast Polyac liquid membrane was applied and spread level across the steps, building up sections in the middle of the steps where water had previously pooled.  This was followed with a layer of Polyac Top Coat in the customer’s chosen colour, which was then covered with a generous amount of quartz, also in the customer’s chosen colour. The quartz was brushed all over the surface area and the surplus material removed.  As well as being aesthetically pleasing, the quartz provides a non-slip surface and adds to its durability.

A final layer of top coat was then applied to seal the quartz and to provide UV protection.  Both matt and gloss finishes are available and the client chose matt on our recommendation.

Both ourselves and the client were extremely pleased with the result.

Please contact us for step repairs and waterproofing for balconies and walkways.