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Bulging Walls and Bowing Walls

Bulging walls in period properties are a common defect that are often seen along the gable and flank elevations of a property. This defect is especially common in Edwardian and Victorian properties but is also evident in properties of all ages.

Bowing Wall
Bowing Wall

Bowing walls should not be regarded as ‘just the way it was built’ this is a serious structural defect that will require a structural repair solution in order to prevent further movement or complete failure.

If the bowing in the wall is only at the levels where the floor joists run either into or alongside then this is more than likely to indicate that lateral movement also known as outward movement has occurred.

Lateral Restraint Tie
Lateral Restraint Tie

Lateral movement occurs when there is no connection between the masonry and the floor joists or stair case allowing the masonry to move independently. In order to prevent further outward movement you must provide a connection between the two.

Newman’s utilise Twistfix lateral restraint ties which are an 8mm stainless steel tie which are installed externally through a 12mm hole in the masonry into the floor joist. With a concealed resin fix to the masonry we are able to tie the masonry to the floor joist which restrains any further movement.

Wall Tie Failure Caused Bowing Walls

In modern properties or buildings constructed with a cavity wall then the bowing if not confined to the floor joist levels only could indicate that there are other structural defects such as wall tie failure which will need to be assessed.

Out lateral restraint schemes for bowing walls can be guaranteed for ten years covered by an IGL insurance backed guarantee. Contact us today if your property is showing signs of outward movement.




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