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Lintel Reinforcement, Central London

Helibars are a versatile product used in many applications to repair failed masonry without disrupting the brick work, and Newman’s have become a leading designer and installer of Helibar systems in London and the South East.

We work alongside a large number of commercial fit out contractors in London who often require our specialist Structural Services with a fast turn around and this project in central London was no different.

Lintel Failure
Lintel Failure

The contractor had carried an internal fit out and had procured works to restore the exterior of the grade II* listed building 6 storeys high, in the heart of London’s west end. Whilst they were pricing the works we were asked to carry out a Structural Survey to identify any causes for concern.

Whilst carrying out a Structural Survey we discovered extensive lintel failure, almost every lintel had failed offering very little support to the masonry above. Diagonal stepped cracking indicates Lintel Failure within brickwork and fortunately for the contractor’s client we have Twistfix’s 2nd generation Helibeam system available to us.

Lintel Failure
Lintel Failure

Traditional methods of repairing the masonry would involve removing the lintel and rebuilding which can be costly, time consuming and disruptive as well as quite dangerous.

Using the Helibeam system we can create load bearing beams by removing the mortar joint and installing two helical wires encompassed in a thixotropic grout which creates the Helibeam. By installing two cords of helical wire in the bed joint with another pair installed above we create the tension and compression beams which support and reinforce the masonry above.

Helibeam System
‘Helibeam’ System

The Helibeams are being installed above every lintel across the length of the building requiring over 400m’s of helical wire. As well as the Helibeam installation over 50m2 of render repairs are going to be carried out and over 100m2 of repointing.

Keep an eye on our Case Studies page for the case study to come soon.

Newman’s can help to diagnose structural defects, cracking and movement by arranging a free Structural Survey, contact London and the south East’s leading structural repair specialists for Help, Advice and peace of mind Call 0333 444 0154 or Email enquiries@newmans.com

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