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Why You Should Always Choose a Specialist….

Structural Repairs and Concrete Repairs are often under-looked as a specialist trade with many companies and DIY enthusiasts just having a go…

Even specialist companies within the structural repair industry incorrectly install structural repair products which then become defunct and in some instances cause more damage than good.

Here’s a few examples where Newman’s have been called in to rectify works installed incorrectly.

This picture below is an example of a 9mm helical tie which was supposed to be tying the front elevation of a Victorian commercial property on a busy high street which was bowing outwards. You can visit our case study here to view the Newman solution.

Incorrect Installation
Incorrect Installation

This picture is of a concrete repair which was carried out by a builder using a weak sand cement mix to reinstate the structural integrity of the concrete supporting beam which had failed due to corrosion of the reinforcing steel within the concrete.

Terrible Concrete Repair

And this is a crack repair carried out apparently by a reputable contractor who are associated with a ‘leading manufacturer’ in the South West, (we won’t name and shame), where instead of using a helical bar encompassed in reinforcement grout such as that we use supplied by Twistfix instead a 6mm galvanised steel rod was inserted into the bed joint and simply pointed over.

Crack Stitching Gone Wrong

Always use a specialist with a good reputation who can supply references and case studies of previous work and supply genuine insurance backed guarantees.

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