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Lintel Failure, Lintel Repair

Lintels come in various designs and are constructed from different materials but all carry out the same task; to support a structure above them within an opening.

Lintel Failure is a common structural defect amongst properties of all ages and constructions and Newman’s regularly carry out lintel failure surveys in order to establish the extent of lintel failure and the risk it poses.

Lintel Failure London
Lintel Failure London

Lintel failure can lead to the collapse of the masonry it is supporting with catastrophic effect. Lintel failure is often recognised by diagonal stepped cracking which is similar to subsidence but should not be confused as subsidence.

Lintel Failure, Diagonal Cracking
Lintel Failure, Diagonal Cracking

Traditional methods of lintel repair are costly and time consuming with many builders believing the only way to restore the structural integrity is to remove the lintel prop the masonry above and rebuild it.

Using modern methods of repair Newman’s can repair lintels by installing Twistfix Helical rods installed in the bed joint above the lintel creating beams above which support the masonry. With fast curing resins lintels can be propped into their original position and fixed saving the aesthetics of the property and time and money.

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Repair For Winter

As we head toward the middle of September, now is a very good time to take care of any structural repair issues that you have with your property before the winter weather arrives and your minor problem becomes something major.    


Lintel Repair – London SW12

Repair of failed lintel using Twistfix Helifix, stainless steel bed joint reinforcement, to create a deep masonry beam to distribute the structural loads , in combination with two 12mm groutless ties to reconnect the brick arch lintel with the masonry above.


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