brick failure

Structural repair and structural survey

Newman’s surveyors have carried out  2 interesting structural repair surveys today in London.

The first survey today was to two houses built along the edge a canal in west London. The movement is established as historic settlement causing cracking to the brickwork and altering the load paths resulting I  diagonal cracking above the lintels indicating brick arch lintel failure. In order to restore the failed lintel masonry beams well be installed along with 450mm pinning ties installed vertically through the lintel.

Brick arch lintel failure

The second survey in London was to identify the cause of cracking to this grade I listed tower in central London. The tower is built from 13 inch solid brick work and had substantial areas of cracking. The cause of cracking is a combination of ground settlement, lintel failure and brick damaged caused by freeze thaw cycle. In order to repair the masonry over 1500 metres of helical bar will need to be installed.

Cracking on Brickwork

Author: Jon Newman
Categories: Building and Structural Repairs, Surveys