cracked lintels

Cracked Lintel Repair Survey

One of our first survey’s of the week to this listed property in the high street of Maidenhead, Windsor.

The brick tower is suffering from lintel failure and the flank elevation has bowed and cracked due to lateral movement following the demolition of the neighboring building.

Lintel Failure

The brick lintels will be reinforced using Twistfix helical bars and Twistfix 450mm CD dryfix pinning ties, the lateral movement will be stabilised using Twistfix lateral restraint ties install in to the existing parallel floor joists along the flank elevation.

Lateral Movement

Following the structural repairs the new development works will continue as planned, to find out how we can help with your building and structural repair needs contact our head office on 0333 444 0154 or email us

Author: Jon Newman
Categories: Bowing Walls, Building and Structural Repairs, Lintel Failure, Surveys, Victorian Property Information