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Structural Repair Survey, London, SE1.

Another of today’s Structural Repair Survey’s carried out to this building in London SE1, the property is suffering from cracked brick work in a number of places, the structural defects identified include bowing and cracked masonry due to a lack of lateral restraint aswell as failed pointing to large areas of the brickwork.

A large number of the bricks have been damaged by freeze thaw cycle and sections of the existing bricks have failed completely falling from the building putting members of the public at risk from severe injury.

Our repair scheme will include bed joint reinforcement using Twistfix helical bars, brick repairs using a high strength repair mortar and brick tinting techniques, large areas of the brick work will also be repointed.

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Crack Repairs To Brickwork

Author: Jon Newman
Categories: Bowing Walls, Building and Structural Repairs, Surveys, Victorian Property Information