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Enquiry From An Impressed Neighbour

In 2015 we carried out extensive work on this property in South West London.

The work included structural repairs, render removal, paint removal and brick restoration comprising both brick refacing and brick tinting.  You can read more about that job here.

Last week we received the following in an email enquiry from a neighbour who lived opposite.  They had observed the work whilst it was being carried out and have seen the results every day over the past 18 months:

“We live opposite the wonderful piece of work you did at [the house opposite ours] last summer and are considering having the paint removed and brick-work restored on our property at no 10.  Could you please arrange for someone to contact me to discuss.”

Facade Restoration Before and After


It’s fabulous when your work speaks for itself



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Brick Cleaning, Stone Cleaning & More


Newman’s are Stonehealth Doff Approved contractors.

The Doff is a self contained system that superheats water to up to 150°C to produce steam. The pressure of this steam can be controlled by the operator to enable the cleaning of a wide range of building materials.

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